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Decide is proud and happy to welcome CAPACITI! Exciting times ahead: let's do better what we do best through digital collaboration

The Country-led Assessment for Prioritization on Immunization (CAPACITI) project led by WHO is hosted by Decide and accessible at

A bit of context: what is CAPACITI?

The Country-led Assessment for Prioritization on Immunization (CAPACITI) project, led by the World Health Organization, aims to strengthen the capacity of low income and middle income countries to evaluate vaccination options according to their priorities and programme context.

The CAPACITI decision-support tool has been developed to support national advisory or decision-making bodies to prioritise or select between different vaccination choices, through a transparent, context-specific, evidence-based process. For example, prioritising between new vaccine introductions, or selecting which product to procure among a range of options.

Since January 2018, the tool has been developed in consultation with 12 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas, with pilot projects completed or underway in Mali, Indonesia, Zambia and Cuba. Pilot countries have identified the following benefits of the approach:

  • The tool structures the process for evidence-based decision-making;
  • The tool allows consideration of multiple factors and stakeholder perspectives at the same time; and
  • The tool strengthens existing mechanisms to evaluate trade-offs and the impact of missing or poor-quality data.

The CAPACITI decision-support tool, together with training materials and e-learning modules, is scheduled to be finalised and made available online by the end of 2020. WHO HQ is therefore seeking a final round of input from country stakeholders to optimise the CAPACITI decision-support tool and guidance materials.

And now...what's the plan?

In July 2020, WHO HQ is conducting beta testing of the CAPACITI decision-support tool. The request is for one or more focal points within the national immunisation programme (NIP), national immunisation technical advisory group (NITAG), the national HTA agency, or WHO country office to conduct a brief review of the tool and provide feedback (via email or teleconference) on whether it is useful, together with any points for improvement.

Following beta testing, should there be further interest to implement or pilot the tool, WHO HQ can provide support and training. For further information, please contact or

Your opinion matters!

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