The story behind the logo 
and the identity of Decide

This visual identity for Decide – Health Decision Hub has been created with an emphasis on creating a dynamic universe where digital interaction and transformation is possible. The concept builds from a dot or a mark which symbolize possibilities and the future for health technology assessments.


The logo

The idea with the logo and the identity was to create a strong link between health and technology by adding a symbolising logo to the name of the network. One that reflects this two-sided identity; one part of the logo symbolises the people through a heart and health while the other part symbolises the future, technology and innovation. Together the icon symbolizes the Health Decision Hub.



The colors

We have been working with two colors, one for each of the two areas, hence the visual identity consists of two primary and three secondary colors. The visual identity had to express both the human perspective as well as the innovation and technology perspective. The pink symbolizes the human and the heart and the dusty blue represents the technology.


A new color appears in the middle of the logo – the purple represents the combination of the heart and the future and is a strong secondary color for the network.   



The icons

The visual identity has two types of icons. The primary icons live in the dot and have a hand drawn style to them. The hand drawn style together with the dynamic and unifying dot underpins the idea of a Hub for people working with health technology assessments to improve living conditions for other people.