Looking for a one-stop-shop for health economics? Give C19economics.org a try!

C19economics.org in the house!


C19economics.org is the new website on the block. It has a great name, features outstanding tools, articles, analytics, data, insights and collaborations on COVID19. You should make sure you try it and put it in your favourites or bookmarks if you have an interest in COVID-19 related scientific information.


Is that all? Well actually….not at all! It has a great catchy name, but C19economics.org is not limited to COVID-19 related topics. It is a much, much broader initiative that you absolutely MUST check, go back to and keep in mind if you believe that health economics are the crux of health systems strengthening.


C19economics.org is a collaborative initiative marrying the combined strengths of leading health analytics organizations such as the Centre for Health Economics in London (CHIL), the Center for Global Development (CGD) and IDSi.


Its scope covers multi-faceted areas and aspects of health economics and the website features data and analyses as well as guidance, methods and tools and many insights shared by academics and researchers: costing, cost-effectiveness, priority setting, you name it!


It also includes a wealth of useful information about the events and news pertaining to health economics.


Welcome to this newcomer which comes with a bang and will prove very helpful to the health ecosystem in general, whether health economists, professionals working on health performance or policy and decision makers looking for sharp perspectives!


Check it out: www.C19economics.org



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