Watch out: First WHO report on health PPP soon to be published!

Don’t miss out on insight and analytics about health PPPs in LMICs

WHO is about to release its first report on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Health! A groundbreaking contribution to an area where expertise in health is much needed.

WHO’s Barcelona Office which is the health financing excellence centre for the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and Dr Mark Hellowell, Senior Lecturer at Edinburgh University and well-known global health PPP expert are teaming up to produce this much-needed analysis and perspective on one of the hottest topics in health capital investment.

With continuously growing needs for upgrade, refurbishement or improvement in health services -from assets, equipment to related clinical and ancillary activities- across health systems, Public Private Partnerships are indeed drawing unaltered attention.

These complex contracting arrangements came at the forefront of the health systems transformation in the early 1990s in the UK, and soon spread across the world…not without raising concerns or controversy.

LMICs looking at fast tracking the restructuring of their health services offering or optimizing the value for money of their investment at the same time as upping the availability and quality of healthcare are increasingly focusing on PPPs to achieve these objectives.

WHO, as the global health leading agency, will provide the first expert perspective on how to make the best of PPP arrangements to help deliver on health assets and services targets.

Dr Mark Hellowell will offer in this report his wealth of insight into the financing and economics of PPPs, based on years of research and analytics.

Watch this space, as your Decide Hub is honoured and proud to publish very soon a blog entry from Dr Hellowell that will underscore key findings and messages from the report. The best way to clarify concepts and contribute to the global discussion!


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