Capital Investment in Health

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Dr Tedros: "Join Decide!"

WHO DG Dr Tedros enticed every infrastructure and investment specialist to join Decide and work on CIH.

Thanks to founding members Hope and Council of Europe Development Bank, Decide harnesses a unique expertise to secure VfM across infrastructure projects for health systems transformation and performance

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CIH is the core area of work of Decide: we design a comprehensive tool to enable health stewards to plan their capital investment from A to Z.


From pre-feasibility to feasibility, financing, commissioning, contracting, building, operating, maintaining, and even disinvesting, this unique tool allows to secure value for money across the asset's life cycle!


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About PPPs....

At Decide, we have a core expertise in complex contracting and in particular PPPs (public private partnerships).


We debunk contract types and models and advise on options. The working group is called "relax it's a contract" and has outstanding public law specialists bolstering contract analytics.


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