What future in stock for governments? Deloitte’s predictions

Tech Trends 2022: are governments on track?


It is a risky game, but one that information or consulting firms like to play every year: drawing up a range of predictions to shape up a market, sector, or a specific area of work.


For the thrill? Perhaps on some level. But the main reason may well be a passion to demonstrate analytical skills and predict trends that will influence segments of industry or the whole of the economy.


Consulting giant Deloitte published its Tech Trends 2022 and the least that can be said about their insight into the digitization of our economic and social fabrics is that it can significantly impact the transformation of health systems.


Putting government lenses on, the Deloitte seers draw up the whole gamut of digital-trends related predictions which we will make sure to monitor! 


Whether pertaining to the rise of AI, or the use of blockchain technology to securely manage data and exchanges for instance, one of the recommendations caught our attention more particularly.


Names “data sharing made easy”, it forecasts that:


A host of new technologies promise to simplify the mechanics of data-sharing across and between organisations while preserving the veil of privacy.


As part of a growing trend, organisations are unlocking more value from their own sensitive data while leveraging enormous volumes of externally sourced data that has traditionally been off limits.


This is a topic of extreme interest to your Decide Hub, which flagship product -codename Bolster!- is under development: a gaming experience for health decision makers to generate scenarios and predict consequences of options and choices in health systems transformation.


The foundation of Bolster relies precisely on an analytical platform enabling data analysts to fetch, harvest data through interoperable datasets.


Interoperability, transferability and the use of one-way or two-ways APIs is indeed at the heart of our work.


Well spotted Deloitte! It is not surprising when considering that Deloitte helped WHO in the setting up of its Health Data Hub but also provides broader pro bono work to the United Nations.


Fingers on the pulse, and an interesting conversation between world leaders and technology experts. If you want to know more, click here to access the Tech Trends.



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