ESMO: High-impact call to action!

ESMO strikes again with a powerful call to action


The European Society for Medical Oncology’s products, publications and events are always sought-after occasions to benefit from the latest insight in cancer prevention as well as treatment methods, tools, practices and strategies.


ESMO offers a unique capacity to harness unrivalled world-class expertise and muster clinical as well as policy insight to craft operational support for decision makers in health. Its first Public  Policy COVID webinar for COVID-19 vaccinations and patients with cancer held on 8th January proved an important milestone for the entire health ecosystem.


What was it about? Well, ESMO’s leading-edge public policy analytical capacity helped steer a debate on the need to delve into the needed protection of patients suffering from cancer amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It went further and led to a full-fledged, high-impact recognition of this issue:


Recognising the urgent need for information on the topic of ‘COVID-19 vaccinations and patients with cancer’, ESMO organised a virtual meeting to launch a Call to Action for Member States to Vaccinate. Monitor. Educate.


See the call to action attached to this article. The three-pronged strategy designed by ESMO relies on the steps hereunder:


  • Vaccinate all patients
  • Diligently collect data
  • Educate and instil confidence


A real method of work aiming at health systems and professionals across functions, this call for action is an effective way to fast track and scale up the necessary protection of patients with cancer against the COVID-19 risk. It emphasizes on the increasing weight of cancers in global mortality as well as the dire disruptions experienced in the prevention and treatment of cancers, likely to contribute to an accrued number of deaths ultimately attributable to the COVID-19 situation.


This webinar and the resulting call for action is a must see! If you missed this important event, do not worry: it’s been recorded: click belwo to play the ESMO recording.



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