Green bonds: EU institutions at the forefront

CEB, EU: climate-friendly finance instruments for infrastructure!


If you look for innovation in project finance or capital investment instruments, you are of course interested in the continuous growth of the green bond market.


Green bonds are financial fixed-income investment instruments used for environmentally friendly and sustainable projects.


They are increasingly present in the background of infrastructure project finance and therefore essential to understand market trends that influence and shape the future of health assets.


Decide’s board member organization the Council of Europe Development Bank spearheads innovative financing mechanisms and sustainability across the European space and offers a wealth of insight into these news instruments, whether social inclusion bonds, climate bonds or green bonds (click here to access the CEB website).


The European Council itself published on 13th April a press release to announce that the EU is taking further steps to implement its strategy on financing sustainable growth and the transition to a climate-neutral, resource-efficient economy.


Environmentally sustainable bonds are one of the main instruments for financing investments related to green technologies, energy efficiency and resource efficiency as well as sustainable transport infrastructure and research infrastructure.


Those brands are to be branded “EuGB”, standing for European Green Bonds. Interested? Read the European Council press release: click here.


Further proof of the more than nascent interest of financial markets for these sustainability oriented investment instruments can be found in the running by Nasdaq of a quality database enabling comparisons of green bonds and their performance


Click here to access NASDAQ’s sustainable bond network page.


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