How to HTA: practical steps for decision makers available now!

How to HTA: what a ride!


This is not any handbook or manual. This is the much-expected WHO practical guide aiming at providing decision makers interested in undertaking HTA mechanisms with practical steps. In fact its added value is twofold:


It offers unprecedented practical and operational guidance, a step by step covering all aspects of HTA institutionalization. The nexus of the guide is the checklist provided for each chapter or area: check the mandate, the legal framework, governance set up, move on to assessment, appraisals etc.


Decision makers are supported throughout the phases of setting up an ad-hoc HTA mechanism with handy checklists designed by practitioners. This is a very hands-on help for health stewards.


In addition, this how to guide illustrates the perfect collaboration between key players involved in HTA dynamics the world over. Consider this: this book was edited mainly by our own Dr Melanie Bertram, now Head of the Delivery Unit at WHO and well-known lead Health Economist.


Thanks to her relentless commitment to this project, so many prominent HTA professionals and institutions collaborated from HTAi, Bergen University to IDSi, WHO of course, Radboud University, INAS Santé (Tunisia), or EpiMetrics.


The value-added and the credibility of this handbook also lie in the multiple renowned expert insights that compose it and bolster the guidance it offers to health decision makers.


If you are interested in knowing more about the guide, click here to download it or go on the top-right corner of this page. Alternatively you can download it from WHO’s website by clicking here.


Make sure you check your Decide’s HTA space!



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