Best news of 2020? Dr Kalipso Chalkidou appointed Head of Health Finance at the Global Fund!

Most people across the Global Health Ecosystem have heard the excellent news by now: Dr Kalipso Chalkidou is the new Head of Health Financing at The Global Fund!


While we genuinely feel sorry for our friends at the Center for Global Development, Imperial College and IDSi, where Kalipso was spearheading so many exciting initiatives, projects or collaborations, we very selfishly rejoice -not only for those based in Geneva who will have the pleasure to interact more with her.


But also for The Global Fund, for Health Financing as a branch of health systems strengthening in need of more capabilities...and most importantly for countries which will benefit from an incredible champion of social and economic development, a world-class thought leader with practical experience of country work as well as unrivalled credentials enabling instant connection with the whole health community.


In the words of The Global Fund CEO Peter Sand in the welcoming statement (click here to read the full statement) following Kalipso's nomination:


Chalkidou brings a wealth of experience as a global health policy leader, academic and trained clinician, as well as a proven ability in effectively dealing with governments at both a global and local level. She comes to the Global Fund from a range of concurrent leadership positions including Director of Global Health Policy and Senior Fellow at the Centre for Global Development; Professor of Global Health Practice at Imperial College and Visiting Professor at King’s College London.


This is a spot-on statement! Naturally such unanimous praise may seem daunting as it reflects immense expectations. However, we at Decide and everyone else who has been privileged to work with Kalipso are all cognisant that she will certainly deliver and beyond! 


For a view of Kalipso Chalkidou's profile and illustrations of her commitment to excellence across global health: Click here.


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