Loud and clear: we love MEL!

Monitoring, Evaluating & Learning (MEL): An ACE Framework!


The Africa Centre for Evidence recently published a new rigorous and operational tool to assess and build its performance. Relying on a commitment to continuous quality improvement, this tool which was updated in May 2021 is an inspiring method enabling an organization to remain effective while checking the relevance of its mission, resources and capacities.


MEL is agile, comprehensive and introspective: it allows stakeholders part of the same organization, programme, project or initiatives to use the regular collection of data (monitoring) to make a judgment on how well they are doing (evaluation for performance purposes).


MEL goes a major step further than M&E systems. It shifts the organization’s vision to fully grasp its ecosystem and the environment it operates into. It then facilitates a very healthy Learning discussion to trigger continuous improvement: it underlines root causes of success and limits, highlights key factors that help doing the right thing, or leading the trajectory astray.


In a nutshell, the aim and purpose of the MEL can be described as follows:


This framework was developed in response to ACE’s desire for i) improved accountability on what ACE does and what it achieves, ii) improved learning, internally and with key partners, from the work ACE is engaged in, and iii) a stronger foundation for ACE to be more adaptive and agile in complex and dynamic socio-economic and political contexts


MEL can certainly inspire and bolster numerous organizations interested in doing better what they do best. A best in class for performance engineering, MEL can be found here: Click here to download!




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