Modellers: we need your views!

Modelling consortia - A common thread


At the heart of the transformation of health systems lies predictive modelling. How to adjust, transform or shift the health response to constantly evolving factors?


More than ever, in this COVID-19 era modellers prove that they can sketch out a data-reliant framework to enable health systems to fit contexts and purposes.


The World Health Organization and in particular its Modelling Hub is at the very centre of the modelling game and harvest insight and information about the interactions between modelling groups and decision makers.


WHO has a unique role in convening collaborative spaces between modelling consortia committed to helping decision makers transforming their health systems.


In this context, your Decide Hub is particularly proud and happy to host the questionnaire designed by WHO and addressed to modellers across the world. Please give us your views!


Find and fill the questionnaire at: of simply click here!



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