Adaptive HTA (aHTA): enlightening perspective!

Adaptive HTA: aHTA to help with transferability


HTA, whether at times of COVID-19 or not, is arguably one of the hottest topics around health systems and their ability to deliver value for money, effectiveness and improve access to the actual care needed by populations. Within this space, the transferability of HTA data, processes and mechanisms is a growing trend.


Where the ‘gold standard’ of HTA is not immediately possible, countries may seek to expedite or adapt some aspects of the HTA approach.

Thanks to the invaluable research and work of a Centre for Global Development (CGD) Team led by worldwide renowned health economists Cassandra Nemzoff, Francis Ruiz, Kalipso Chalkidou and other learned colleagues from IDSi and CGD, there is now a landmark thinking piece on this topic.


The recent commentary published in the BMJ and  titled ‘Adaptive health technology assessment to facilitate priority setting in low- and middle-income countries’ brings the thinking around this issue forward and gives it a much welcome operational turn.


It offers a wealth of practical steps structured around the understanding of the dynamics of aHTA, provides “how to” tips, situate the concept in the broader HTA toolbox and essentially brings a knowledgeable vision of the steps that health stewards can adopt to optimize aHTA. This is not really a commentary: in terms of added value this is more akin to a gold standard of operational solution to make the best of HTA guidance!


Incidentally, this is a topic which the Decide HTA workstream chaired by INAHTA will start working on next month. Indeed, Decide’s HTA workstream will open to expressions of interest next week -5th May if you want to save the date…- One of the key areas of work of the INAHTA chaired group in charge of operational products designed to help decision makers will focus on transferability of HTA.


There clearly is space for friends at CGD, IDSi and across the HTA ecosystem to join forces and collaborate further on aHTA or transferability. Our bet is that this excellent commentary will take up most of the first meeting!!


To download the commentary on the BMJ site: click here!





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