Africa Centre for Evidence joins the Decide Hub!

Welcome Africa Centre for Evidence!


It's official! The Africa Centre for Evidence (ACE) joins the Decide Health Decision Hub as a member of its Steering Group - that is the board of Decide- to support its strategic and operational growth.


ACE specialises in institutionalisation of evidence-informed decision-making through integration of policy systems and evidence systems in government, and offers a broad base of experience in mapping and synthesising the evidence base in health, education, employment, state capacity and much more!


Professor Ruth Steward, who chairs the ACE, shares the Decide Hub enthusiasm for development through data, analytics and knowledge and she and her team will bring a sharp and critical eye as well as rich technical inputs to take the Decide Hub forward.


Based at Johannesburg University and working with governments of a number of African countries, ACE in its own words strives to


Contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality in Africa and South Africa through the use of evidence. We are driven by the vision of the end of poverty and inequality in Africa.


Welcome to the ACE whose presence and expertise will bolster the effectiveness of the Decide Hub products and activities! If you want to know more on the Africa Centre for Evidence: please click here.


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