Africa Centre for Evidence: Meet a Key player on the continent!

Serious about Data & Evidence? Meet the Africa Centre for Evidence


Anyone interested in evidence-based decisions in health, data-backed equitable policies -across the policy spectrum- to accompany a fair and sustainable social as well as economic growth in Africa will be thrilled to read more about the Africa Centre for Evidence.


Based at Johannesburg University and working with governments of a number of African countries, ACE strives to


contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality in africa and south africa through the use of evidence. we are driven by the vision of the end of poverty and inequality in africa.


The range of activities, the scientific rigor, the ethos of ACE which brings together thousands of experts from around the African continent to boost data-intensive methods and tools for policymakers is of extreme interest to your Decide Hub. We will make sure to inform our members and partners….and will ensure we collaborate as closely as possible with ACE!


Interested? If you want to know more: check out ACE’s website by clicking here!


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