CAPACITI: the journey continues onwards!

The Country-led Assessment for Prioritization on Immunization (CAPACITI) project is led by WHO and hosted by Decide. We are very proud of it and honoured by the trust of our friends at CAPACITI.


You can access it at You will find substantial information about CAPACITI, its remit, aims and objectives and will be able to familiarize with their work. Is that all? Of course not. There is so much more to find out!


CAPACITI now undertakes the second leg of its journey and opens its brand-new interactive working space to its registered users. You want to work on collective intelligence, co-produce knowledge, collaborate on joint projects and activities? Consider signing up on the web platform and participate at


You will be able to share insights, news and events with a synched calendar (operable on all devices), use our live chat or grow your address book; there are many goodies to find out which will help you strengthen work relationships and meet the CAPACITI community.


The CAPACITI and Decide teams look forward to seeing you around!


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