CEAs and Drug Genericization? A groundbreaking study!

Do Cost-Effectiveness Analyses Account for Drug Genericization? A Literature Review and Assessment of Implications


This new study is a new illustration of the ability of the CEVR team and colleagues such as Prof. Peter Neumann, Drs Josh Cohen and Dan Ollendorf amongst others to innovate, analyze and create immense value well beyond the health economics community.


By researching and analyzing how Health Technology Assessment mechanisms and institutions handled drug genericization, they open a new field of investigation and pave the way for recommendations for policy makers.


A few key -and rather jaw-dropping insights to take home? Authors highlight that across their research:


  • Only 2% of published CEAs include assumptions about future genericization
  • Only 33% of HTA guidelines mention future drug price changes due to genericization in CEAs
  • 95% of published CE1S do not include assumptions about future generic prices for intervention drugs.


The stakes are high as authors summarise:


The omission of assumptions about genericization means that CEAs may misrepresent the long run opportunity costs for drugs.


The field needs clearer guidance for when CEAs should account for genericization, and for the inclusion of other price dynamics that might influence a drug’s cost-effectiveness.


At a time where HTA is gathering attention and elicits attention to value for money of health choices, this is a groundbreaking research and an inspiration to better anticipate the evolution of health technology markets.


You want to know more? Of course you do! Please click here to read the summary of this study which is an incommensurable contribution to a developing field.



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