CEB: Sharp Outlook on "Health & Climate change” 6th May 2021 Webinar

CEB Webinar: an eye opener on health & climate change challenges


The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) is the most prominent investor in social infrastructure across 40 countries. It marries a commitment to excellence in investment in health and social care assets to serve populations, with a leading-edge capacity to anticipate and forecast those changes needed to improve people’s lives.


As such, the CEB is cognizant of the impact of environmental changes on health systems and related infrastructure. In collaboration with the Decide – Health Decision Hub which the CEB is a member organization of, the Bank decided to organize a webinar on 6th May 2021 to share visions and perspectives on the dynamics of health and climate change:


Human health and well-being are intrinsically linked with the state of environment, which in turn depends on human activity and life choices. How to break the vicious circle of environmental degradation and declining state of health?


This webinar will enable to cross perspectives to better grasp the need for health systems to adapt to environmental changes, respond to constraint, norms and the growing urgency to tackle climate-related challenges affecting populations’ health.


In order to offer a variety of experiences and reflect the breadth and depth of the interaction between health and climate change, the CEB mustered a wealth of perspectives from prominent organizations in relevant fields.


With the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Federation for Hospitals and Healthcare (HOPE), the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD), the European Network Architecture for Health (ENAH), or EuroHealthNet on board, exchanges promise to be enlightening!


Come and join the debate for better strategies and a clearer vision on health and climate change: Click here to register for the 6th May 2021 webinar!


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