CEDAS: a giant leap for interoperability?

CEDAS striding towards the finish line!


You have followed the incredibly rich adventures of the Cost-Effectiveness Data Across Settings working group? You have been thrilled by the breadth and depth of expertise, experience and brain power of the leading-edge experts gathered to work in interoperability of their tools, approaches and methods?


Perhaps you found the highly technical discussions of world class health economists both fascinating and tantalizing?


Well, prepare for the next stage which will undoubtedly prove even more exciting! The working group members are combining their skill mix and knowledge to produce a hands-on, operational product to bolster evidence-based decisions in health, optimize the use of data and information and ultimately contribute to value for money in health.


CEDAS always strived to bring minds, expertise and institutions together for the benefit of policy and decisionmakers in health. The goal was to better work together, to create a collective intelligence that could be applied in an operational manner.


In a way the name of the CEDAS game is to provide practical support to decision making in health.


Here it is, the process started, and we will let you know when the product is available. Watch this space for more news!


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