The Centre for Health Ethics, Law and Development (CHELD) joins the Decide Hub!

Welcome to the Centre for Health Ethics, Law and Development (CHELD)!


The Centre for Health Ethics, Law and Development, a nonprofit organization based in Nigeria and active across the African continent is presided by Cheluchi Onyemelukwe, founder and CEO of this prominent charitable organization that provides advice in strengthening equitable access to care across Africa.


Prof. Onyemelukwe is no stranger to your Decide Hub: she provides invaluable contracting experience to the Capital Investment in Health Core Group. Her engagement and dedication to the progress of health in Africa is best described through CHELD's mission statement:


CHELD’s commitment to advancing evidence-based decisions in health to ensure an equitable and fair transformation of health systems to secure value for money also make it an ideal partner for Decide.


Thanks to CHELD's support and operational expertise, your Decide Hub will benefit from recognised and practical expertise in public and health law, ethics, as well as from a wealth of experience developing equitable, fair, gender-sensitive health systems that deliver high-performance services.


More information available on CHELD’S website: Click here!


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