CEVR strikes again: spot on perspective on societal impact of immunization!

Cost-effectiveness analyses and non-health consequences of immunization: CEVR unpacks findings


The thought leadership of the Tufts Center for the Evaluation of Value & Risk in Health (CEVR) for  does not need introducing. Drs Peter Neumann and Dan Ollendorf as well as many other colleagues, challenge health systems assumptions on a daily basis, and relentlessly herald rigorous evidence-based decisions across health economics, priority setting and stewardship.


In their recent article penned by Madison Silver and other colleagues and named “Frequency and impact of the inclusion of broader measures of value in economic evaluations of vaccines » the team at CEVR unpack critical findings pertaining to the societal consequences of immunization.


As summarised by Peter Neumann: despite their importance, the non-health consequences of vaccines are infrequently included in cost-effectiveness analyses.


A few highlights of the CEVR findings?


  • Vaccines may be systematically undervalued from a societal perspective.
  • Few evaluations, particularly in lower-income settings, include social impacts.
  • Impacts of vaccination on other sectors, while substantial, are rarely included.
  • The inclusion of social impacts results in more favorable cost-effectiveness.


An important contribution to global health which goes way beyond the sole (albeit essential) field of cost-effectiveness: read the article here!




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