CIH: our neck of the woods

This is it….the Capital Investment in Health working group is officially launched!


The CIH group will get inspiration from its very successful sister the Decide CEDAS group (see and launch a very operational series of collaborations to help health stewards design, finance, operate and maintain their infrastructure over the life cycle of the asset and secure value for money.


Under the joint leadership of HOPE and the CEB, two member organizations of the Decide Hub, the CIH group will engage the community of world-class infrastructure experts with a knowledge of the health sector development challenges.


Offering therefore a unique blend of expertise and practical experience in both asset management and health stewardship, group members will craft operational scenarios generation products, decision support tools and hands-on guidance to accompany health infrastructure development and growth.


Amongst the workstreams identified during 2020, thanks to extensive inputs from core working group experts, the “sweating the assets” group will look at ways to optimize the design, operations and maintenance of infrastructure over their lifecycle to ensure value for money.


“Relax, it’s just a contract” will model contractual arrangements and point at the different use of contracting instruments to accommodate the needs of the projects while securing economic and social return for public owners.


The “greenhouse” of innovative projects will identify, monitor and analyse projects which are promising and can deliver value for money across settings.


The CIH group will rely on the breadth and depth of recognized experts in health management, planning, organization, legal frameworks, contract models, PPPs, architecture and design and many more relevant areas. Thanks to HOPE, the CEB, WHO, ESMO or BMGF as well as a number of public and private partners, operational products of direct use for public project owners, health stewards and all stakeholders.


Stay tuned to the CIH space at for updates and information about the products developed by the group in response to multi-faceted health infrastructure needs on the road to the SDGs realization.



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