Cleaning the air: enticing rules?

Net zero commitment: UK procurement changes


Why the jellyfish? Oh it is simple enough: they are a sure illustration of clean waters (jellyfish abhors pollution and their presence, however worrying on other accounts, is a good indicator of cleanliness of the marine environment).


There is more to it: jellyfish sting, thus resembling some coercive policy measures……The latest exemplification of which can be found in the new procurement rules enacted by the UK government which requires businesses to commit to Net Zero by 2050, as relayed by our friends at PPP bulletin.


Quoting Cabinet Office Minister Lord Agnew, PPP bulletin highlights that


The government spends more than £290bn on procurement every year, so it’s important we use this purchasing power to help transform our economy to Net Zero


This policy calls for a range of “scope” measures whereby businesses must self-report direct and indirect emissions. The new frontier? Companies across segments of industry that includes transportation or waste for instance will be required to publish “credible” carbon reduction plans and commit to Net Zero by 2050.


This will turn out to be the only way for them to bid for any government contract above £5million! A decisive step to protect our planet, and perhaps a small step to ensure there are so many more jellyfish in the sea…


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