CMCC: Time to give your opinion!

CMCC needs you! The COVID-19 Multi-Model Comparison Collaboration is garnering perspectives and opinions and would like to hear from you.

CMCC developed a “reporting standard” to ensure quality and accountability. This concerns all stakeholders engaged in the fight against COVID-19, from policy and decision-makers to funders or modelers. 

The intention of this survey is to gather your perspective on the concept, criteria, timelines, foreseeable challenges, and prior experiences that we can learn from and further adapt this proposed reporting standard to make it feasible and acceptable to all stakeholders. 

Clarity and consistency are at stake here as well as the management of reliable information. Your voice counts and this is a great opportunity to make sure you have your say about the work carried out by CMCC!

You want to participate? Take the survey by clicking here. It will require no more than 15 minutes of your time.

Please make sure you check out the CMCC page hosted by your Decide hub at


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