Coalition for Social Investment: a new kid on the block?

A follow-up to the Finance in Common Summit!


Naturally, you remember the first Finance in Common Summit which back in November helped put the energy, brainpower and innovative ideas of the main public investment banks together to boost health development and economic growth.


Your Decide is unlikely to forget this unprecedented meeting of minds and the commitment of key players such as our member organization the Council of Europe Development Bank or WHO….


with the Director General Dr Tedros launching a call for everyone to join Decide to work on Capital Investment: click here to see the video!


This was the start of new dynamics spawning the Coalition for Social Investment sponsored in particular by WHO and the International Labour Organization (ILO). Your Decide Hub is honoured to have been chosen to represent WHO and underline key messages in line with the aim proclaimed by the coalition:


To build back better from Covid, social investment is key to sustainable economic recovery! Click here to take stock of the work of the European Commission on Social Investment


Watch your Decide web portal for updates on the work of the Coalition and the ideas we will promote to secure value for money across social investment and economic growth, human-centred health and social systems, PHC investment to accelerate better, more equitable access to quality care as well as tipping the balance towards prevention in health!


Click here to learn more about the coalition for social investment





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