COVID-19: Worrying long-term effects

Beware the long term consequences of COVID-19 weighing on population’s health and entailing new challenges for health systems as well as health and social protection financing stability.


The World Health Organization is working on this issue, as illustrated by the “Coronavirus update n°36” document issued by WHO in September and focusing on the longer term effects of the disease (see attachment to this article).


Mainstream media such as the New York times also share concerns in view of new studies highlighting unexpected consequences of COVID-19:


Some survivors of Covid-19 carry worrying signs that their immune system has turned on the body, reminiscent of potentially debilitating diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, a new study has found.


The article explains the growing concern of “autoantibodies” and the risk that those end up exacerbating severe forms of COVID.


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