Decide collaboration with the Partnerships bulletin!

If you are interested in complex contractual arrangements such as public-private partnerships (PPPs) and the conditions under which these legal instruments can foster a culture of collaboration between public and private stakeholders in health, you must have come across the PPP Bulletin.


The Partnerships Bulletin is the gold standard of publications focusing on synergies across investment programme to fill the infrastructure gap. It analyses trends, highlights projects and offers a breadth and depth of information about public-private collaborations in the infrastructure field that cannot be found nowhere else.

Your Decide Network is honoured and happy to announce that it will collaborate with the PPP bulletin and exchange insights, analytics and information in the area of capital investment in health.


This will be an opportunity to bring the unique health expertise and understanding of the health infrastructure policy agenda thanks to the wealth of experience and the skillmix of the Decide working group members.


This ongoing dialogue and collaborative work will draw the attention onto the different health-related infrastructure markets, taking into account cultural and linguistic, in addition to legal and contracting idiosyncrasies.


More to come on the Capital investment in health web space of the Decide Hub!


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