Designing and Implementing Deliberative Processes for HTA: check this out!

HTA Resources: a wealth of knowledge!


Anyone interested in HTA has a lot to celebrate these days. Not least because the “Designing and Implementing Deliberative Processes for Health Technology Assessment: A Good Practices Report of a Joint HTAi/ISPOR Task Force” report is out and available.


With key HTA experts such as Wija Oortwijn, Dan Ollendorf, Andrés Pichon-Rivière and many others, this is an excellent and inspirational resource to better understand deliberative processes for HTA.


In their own words, the authors summarize the deliberative process aptly and underline the considerable value added of their work:


A deliberative process for HTA consists of procedures, activities, and events that support the informed and critical examination of an issue and the weighing of arguments and evidence to guide a subsequent decision.


Guidance and an accompanying checklist are provided for (i) developing the governance and structure of an HTA program and (ii) informing how the various stages of an HTA process might be managed using deliberation.


Interested? If you want to know more and download the article: click here.


There are even more good news with the release of the validate handbook bringing formidable insight, expertise and experience from an array of first-class HTA experts amongst which Wija Oortwijn, Laura Sampietro-Colom or Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea:


The handbook is directed to anyone who wants to understand, initiate, or broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills to be able to conduct an integrative HTA.


Click here to download the handbook!


And of course, there is always the possibility to use the comprehensive and very operational guidance offered by WHO through its “How to HTA” guide and the very practical checklists guiding users through every step of HTA institutionalization


Click here to download WHO’s guide.


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