Disruptive technologies: what does INAHTA have to say?

A new position statement from HTA global thought leader!


The International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) is the leading organization in the field of HTA and bolstered by the combined expertise as well as practice of its member agencies spanning all HTA models as well as geographical regions of the world.


Always keen on looking out for innovative models of care, disruptive technologies or trends which may influence health systems performance, INAHTA issued this month a statement to clarify its analysis and position towards disruptive health technologies.


The rationale for such a statement? In INAHTA’s words:


The concept of disruptive technologies is highly relevant for health technology assessment (HTA) agencies and decision making bodies, because truly disruptive technologies radically alter models of care and therefore require a thorough evaluation, including economic and organisational impact assessments.


Given that the introduction of such technologies may not be supported by sufficient data nor evidence pertaining to their efficacy or even safety, INAHTA recommends that real-world data are used to address these uncertainties.


Cognisant of the challenges to assess the lifecycle of disruptive technologies, INAHTA offers with this statement an extraordinarily useful instrument for policy makers to sketch out a specific framework or simply allow disruptive technologies to check against the criteria set for other health technologies.


This is to ensure they comply with the economic, ethics and societal check points defined by public authorities.


Make sure you read INAHTA’s much expected statement: click here to access it.



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