Energy performance at the heart of Italian contracts!

$100 million to green Piemontese hospitals


The Italian region of Piemonte has it all: its capital city is Torino, a royal city (with a famous and venerable football team), a network of infrastructure, global industries -Torino is home of the FIAT group-, is even the city of coffee giant Lavazza! It also boasts worldwide renowned wines in Langhe, Asti or Alba. Piemonte values nature and its environment.


And with a regionalised administration, its health system increasingly recognises the importance of preserving this luxuriant and generous environment. This is part of the rationale behind a new public-private partnership (PPPs) tendered out to use the know-how of private companies to green the hospital of Alessandria, an important city in Piemonte.


The PPP will be performed by a set of companies which, for an estimated $107 million will ensure that the Alessandria hospital benefits from the latest techniques and technologies in the field of energy performance as well as other structural changes.




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