Ensuring adequate capital investment in Canadian health care

A recent study in Canada flagged a trend that affects infrastructure and technology, i.e. under investment in capital and a risk of inequity in access to health services.

The study confirms in particular a pattern observed in different health systems across settings: the lack of sufficient capacities in the public health sector for adequate capital planning, allocation and use to strengthen infrastructure while filling the gap, in line with SDGs targets.


According to one of the conclusions of the study:

in the years ahead, Canada should invest in improving Canadian health care capital funding, engaging new sets of investors and increasing our sophistication in capital planning and allocation.


The analysis underscores the critical issue of capital investment being neglected in the national health policy debate which polarizes on drug pricing, health workforce but fails to foresee the importance of versatile health assets delivering high-quality services; responding to changing geographical, demographical and epidemiological demands while ensuring cost-effectiveness along the assets life-cycle.

To read the full study: click here!



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