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PHC more than ever: the Gates Foundation recruits


The PHC/Health Systems team at the Gates Foundation is recruiting for two new positions (SPO and PO) working on ‘foundational reforms’ for PHC, which is related to health systems strengthening.


B017389 Senior Program Officer, Primary Health Care (SPO, PHC)

·        Senior Program Officer, Primary Health Care (SPO, PHC)


B017385 Program Officer, Primary Health Care (PO, PHC)

·        Program Officer, Primary Health Care (PO, PHC)


The roles will focus on building technical partners to support governments in focus geographies with primary health care reforms, including health financing reforms, public financial management, data systems and supplies/HRH linkages.


They will actively collaborate with other development partners to better support governments with complex reform agendas.


The SPO and PO roles allow for different depth of expertise, though they will both draw from LMIC PHC and health systems strengthening experience, knowledge of technical assistance approaches, and experience of PHC service delivery.


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