Fair Pricing Community: this is your space!

The Fair Pricing Community finds its space at Decide!


The Decide Health Decision Hub is honoured and delighted to welcome the Fair Pricing Community on its digital platform. This leading-edge community, facilitated by the WHO team in charge amongst other of the organization of the Fair Pricing Forum, decided to be hosted on the Decide web platform.


This enables the Fair Pricing Community to benefit from a fully digitised working space with integrated chats, synched calendar, personalised news, events, as well as surveys, newsletters, project management tools, and much more.


This space, facilitated by Dr Kiu Tay-Teo, WHO Technical Officer at the Department of Health Products Policy and Standards, will enable knowledge co-production, insight sharing, activity and collaboration development and networking growth.


At Decide we are very happy about this fantastic opportunity to work closely with the Fair Pricing ecosystem and its unparalleled expertise in the field of pricing of health products and technologies...


...in particular at a time where our member organisations INAHTA and ESMO are designing a work plan for the forthcoming "High-Price Drugs Working Group" set up at Decide!


Stay tuned to know more and visit www.decidehealth.world/fairpricing



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