Fair Pricing Forum: the gold standard for health products pricing

Fair Pricing Forum: unrivalled wealth of insight!


Have you participated or followed WHO’s Fair Pricing Forum in April this year? Well, we at Decide are sure you appreciated this unique agora of health professionals sharing cutting-edge perspectives on pharmaceutical prices. In line with WHO’s mandate this Forum is the best-in-class professional arena to work on equitable access to health products through fair pricing.


Are you familiar with its objectives? The Forum follows a three-fold aim which is explained on its WHO web page (click here to know more)


  1. To share countries’ experiences, including from the COVID-19 pandemic, in ensuring affordability and transparency of prices and costs of health products.
  2. To advance discussion and knowledge on approaches and system factors pertaining to the pricing and R&D of pharmaceutical products for enhancing affordability, transparency, and innovation, and achieving health sustainable development goals.
  3. To activate additional support for countries to achieve more affordable and fairer access to pharmaceutical products during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


The forum is the only game in town to marry the perspectives of health policy and decision makers and empower them in the stewardship of pricing, procurement, market access, HTA and value for money of health products!


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