Fair Pricing Forum : welcome to your digital working space!


Fair Pricing Forum: the whole ecosystem available at www.decidehealth.world/fairpricing


The Fair Pricing Forum facilitated by WHO does not need an introduction. It is paramount to discuss fairer access to health technologies.  


As you may know, the Fair Pricing Forum decided to be hosted on the Decide web platform which is an honour for your Decide Hub. You may recall it was announced on 11th July this year (click here to access the announcement)


What happened ever since? Plenty of news, exchanges, work sessions which illustrate the dynamics of this group and its ability to create unrivaled value in its field of activity. Check out the space at www.decidehealth.world/fairpricing


We cannot recommend enough to read “Continue the conversation re: Unpacking biosimilar pricing policies » by our colleague and friend Allison Colbert: click here as it illustrates the technical collaboration and the real added value of combined expertise fostered by the Fair Pricing Forum!


The bold digital leap undertaken by the Fair Pricing Forum is now complete with the whole community present online on its working space: shared (and synched on all devices) calendar, integrated chat room, interactive digital working groups or targeted newsflash and newsletters, shared documents to co-produce value….


All the functionalities of the platform are available to co-create knowledge, share insight and trigger collaborations.


So once again and with great joy: welcome home, members of the Fair Pricing Forum!


For any information about the Fair Pricing Forum please contact Dr. Kiu Tay-Teo: click here


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