Foraging in granular evidence: the real impact of pharmaceutical pricing policies

A critical review of methodologies used in pharmaceutical pricing policy analyses


David Tordrup is a well-known Health Economist, researcher, health scientist and most of all health systems transformation enthusiast. He partners with your Decide Hub on its most innovative product (Bolster!), a data-intensive scenario-generator for health decision makers.


It is therefore not so surprising to see David Tordrup part of a cutting-edge team led by Iris Joesse picking up the gauntlet of assessing the impact of pharmaceutical policies on a substantial part of the lifecycle of medicines:


How can you robustly measure the impact of pharmaceutical policies on prices, access, affordability and availability?


This is indeed the daunting question that this inspiring team of researchers, health economists and passionate health scientists strives to answer:


Turns out, it's not easy! (…) we find the observational studies assessing the impact of pharmaceutical policies often use weak study designs and/or are associated with a high risk of bias, which could be mitigated through better study design.


Trust us, you will want to read this paper. It brings a fresh perspective, triggers questions and debates, but also urges to strengthen the use of real, rigorous and unbiased evidence for decision-making.


Click here to read this inspiring analysis!



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