A forward-thinking vision of health? Trust the CEB!

Investing in effective, inclusive and resilient health and social care systems in Europe!


This is the title of the latest strategy document produced and published by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), the leading social investor in the large European space.


CEB also sits on the Decide Board where Thomas Kergall, Lead Health Specialist brings a wide array of operational expertise, high-level technicity and in-depth knowledge of health reforms at country level.


One of the idiosyncratic value proposition of the CEB is to conceptualise health as an integral part of health and social systems, which translates into a stimulus for more integrated, people-centred care systems.


Based on a comprehensive analysis of the epidemiological, socio-economic as well as environment drivers of health systems transformation, the CEB proposes a sharp and extremely well structured approach to health development.


More specifically, based on a priorisation of health needs -and echoing WHO’s analyses- starting with HRH, infrastructure then technologies, the CEB forecasts the future of health and offers solutions to build back better, improves, prepares and ultimately delivers high-quality and effective care.


Interested? Download the CEB’s health strategy here!





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