Greening the Union: Where is the EU going?

First climate-neutral bloc by 2050?


This is the clear ambition of the European Union: to become carbon-neutral by 2050. The objective of the EU spans all sectors of the economy and of course this entails that buildings, including public assets will have to abide by increasingly stringent rules.


Decide will collaborate with its partner organization BCEPS on the impact of environment norms and climate change on health infrastructure and related service: this is a topic of growing importance as the choices made in construction, energy, recycling and waste as well as broader design and location increasingly impact the value that the assets can deliver over their lifecycle and the cost of the project.


The EU expects to leverage the participation of private finance to help achieve this ambitious target, aiming at 1 trillion euros sustainable investments over the next decade.


The Plan includes a Just Transition Mechanism (JTM) and other financial flows to entice green transition to secure the long-term well being of the residents of the EU and the preservation of the planet.


To find out more about the comprehensive investment plan: click here or download the plan at the top of the page!


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