Health data to bolster science and decision in Europe

EU Health Data Space now open!


Evidence-based decisions in the health sector is more than a buzz expression: it is the driver of health policy relevance and performance. Health stewards fully grasp the necessity to use data, information and insights to make the best decisions.


The EU is at the forefront of the use of data for health decisions and recently made a “quantum leap” to empower their citizens in the ownership and optimization of their health data.


The Health Data Space created by the EU entails some very advanced digitization space for electronic health records and data across the EU space.


Based on portability and interoperability as well as transferability, it means that:


Patient summaries, ePrescriptions, images and image reports, laboratory results, discharge reports are issued and accepted in a common European format.


Interoperability and security will become mandatory requirements. Manufacturers of electronic health record systems will need to certify compliance with these standards.


To ensure that citizens' rights are safeguarded, all Member States have to appoint digital health authorities.


The Health Data Space obviously required a strengthened and adequate legal framework, in particular to grant “permits” to research institutions to access personal health data, as well as to cater for decentralized health authorities’ roles and of course to prevent intrusion in or infringement of confidentiality of data.


An ambitious overarching health data lake programme, this is potentially a game changer primarily for patients and EU citizens.  The Vice-President of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas, said:


I am proud to announce the first common EU data space in a specific area. The European Health Data Space will be a ‘new beginning' for the EU's digital health policy, making health data work for citizens and science.


The European Commission has set up a web page which gives access to all supporting studies and documents that underpin the EU Health Data space, from FAQs and factsheets to public consultations, surveys and studies.


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