Health PPPs soaring in Saudi Arabia

Hospital Bundle: an ambitious PPP agenda for the Kingdom


Major players of the capital investment ecosystem are involved in the constant development and growth of Public-Private Partnerships in Saudi Arabia. Banker HSBC or Legal eagle Clifford Chance can be seen shouldering the NCP, the national agency in charge of these complex contractual arrangements marrying the procurement of an asset programme backed by the provision of a streams of services against a long-term, risk-sharing contract.


All sectors are considered for the conclusion of PPPs under the country’s Vision 2030, whether roads, buildings, bridges, and of course hospitals. This stems from a national commitment to attract foreign investment and structure them around capital projects.


The latest project does not lack ambition and concerns a dual-hospital PPP bundle. In other words, Saudi Arabia is looking at a private venture -consortium of specialized companies- to provide turnkey medical cities in Abha and Sakaka….which are separated by 1,700 kms only!


This may not prove the only challenge in terms of equipment, healthworkforce, or supply chain to name a few, but should not deter international investors and health services providers to look at this project. Public authorities, quoted by our friends at PPP Bulletin, envisage to:


“utilise the private sector to deliver medical cities with “an innovative design to provide health services according to modern healthcare models”.


Your Decide Hub will naturally let you know of more details and specifications as the project unfolds!



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