Health workforce and cancer care: the first global literature review is out!


Distribution of the workforce involved in cancer care: a systematic review of the literature


Dr Dario Trapani and other highly respected colleagues including Dr Andre Ilbawi put their extraordinarily rich expertise of oncology, cancer services strategy and development to carry out the first global literature review.


An invaluable contribution to global health and knowledge, this review is also congruent with the relentless efforts of the Health Workforce Department of WHO. It aims at addressing the scarcity of data available to document the distribution of health work force in response to the first world killer: cancer.


This research is more essential than ever given the overwhelming wave of cancer and its dire impact on the global morbidity as well as mortality, across regions.


Key findings from the leading-edge team in charge of the study reveals that:


The availability and distribution of the cancer workforce is heterogeneous, and wide gaps are described worldwide.


This is the first systematic review on this topic. These results can inform policy formulation and modelling for capacity building and scaleup.



The distribution of health workforce specializing in cancer care offers a three-pronged challenge: how to overcome a long-standing attrition of human resources in health which impacts all health systems? How to ensure adequate training to enable health workforce to adapt to highly technical care and constantly shifting technologies? And how to better forecast HR-related needs in the development of health offerings to favour an ethical strengthening of the identified gaps?


There is no doubt that this study is a milestone. Its publication in 2021, the International Year of Nurse and Midwife, is also a good omen.


It is a tremendous quantitative and qualitative contribution to the global conversation facilitated in particular by the Health Workforce and the Non Communicable Diseases Departments at WHO to find sustainable and effective solutions to the greatest challenge facing healthcare.


Investing in Health Workforce is one of the smartest investments, one that yields many returns not only in terms of health performance or health outcomes, but also from an economic and social diversification’s perspective.


Skill-intensive jobs are created and empower the whole health ecosystem as well as communities. Investing in health workforce might well turn out to be the best investment to secure value for money in health!


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