Healthy Ageing: can private sector involvement help?

Slovenia’s municipality of IG just signed an important concession contract entrusting national real estate service provider company Lobium, d.d. with a 40-year concession to build, operate and maintain a 6,000 care home.


While the final decision still lies with the Ministry in charge of social affairs, this project is part of the soaring complex contractual arrangement agenda undertook by Slovenia for the past couple years: from the setting up of a PPP investment unit at government level in 2019 to a vast programme of infrastructure provision bolstered by private finance, there is a clear appetite from policy and decision makers for public-private collaboration.


Beyond the contracting aspects or even the infrastructure-related solutions, many questions remain: will these arrangements include the breadth and depth of medical as well as social care needed by the residents? How is this programme contributing to the public health response to the growing burden of NCDs? How many residents will benefit from this programme and is this relevant to the catchment area's need?


A project brought to our attention by our friends at the PPP bulletin, and which the Decide Capital investment in health working group will follow to try and inform our community!



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