Hot off the Press! WHO Handbook on Social Participation for UHC

A huge leap for stakeholders' engagement!


They did it. Led by our colleague Dr Dheepa Rajan and her relentless passion for social participation in the transformation of health systems for universal health coverage, an incredible team of practitioners from different regions of the world, backgrounds and perspectives contributed to this unique source of knowledge.


You are interested in adding value to your health policies through social participation? You would like to know what capabilities are required, or what are the key steps to institutionalise social participation? Follow the launch of the handbook specifically designed to respond to these questions:


WHO, UHC2030, Health System Governance Collaborative, UHC-Partnership, and PMNCH invite you to the launch of this innovative and comprehensive guidance book for policy-makers on the ‘how’ of social participation.   


If you want to know more, check out the web platform of our sister network the Health Systems Governance Collaborative: Click here!



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