HTA and Migraine: Groundbreaking analysis!

A leading team of experts amongst which our dear friend Dr Dan Ollendorf shed a light on HTA in an unexplored field!


"The Clinical Trials Subcommittee of the International Headache Society presents the first Health Technology Assessment for the Acute Treatment of Migraine Attacks and Prevention of Migraine." Amongst many findings underscored in this article, the lack of standardization of HTA mechanisms is pointed out as a foundational hindering factor to develop and streamlining a body of evidence, clinical trials and practice that would be both efficient and cost-effective.


The lack of international databases is particularly highlighted and led to hampering the design of global standards in the prevention and treatment of migraines, a condition that affects 1bn people worldwide, with women three times as likely as men to suffer from migraine.


This position statement extends beyond the already available guidelines on randomized controlled trials for migraine to incorporate real-world evidence and a synthetic approach for considering multiple data sources and modelling methods when assessing the value of migraine treatments.


To read the full article : Click here!




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