Hydrogen & Infrastructure: a booming market!

Hydrogen: a new fuel landscape to green infrastructure?


Your Decide Hub regularly informs you about the trends and evolution of green energy as the development of “greener” fuel sources is a key challenge for public infrastructure.


Given the increasingly stringent CO2 emission reduction targets and environmentally friendly norms that apply to public assets -amongst which health assets of course- this topic appears to be the crux of capital projects across health systems.


Hydrogen as a replacement fuel source raised strong hopes the wold over. Those hopes are recent albeit quite tangible: hydrogen may well prove more than the new kid on the bloc following the footsteps of the mix gas-wood combo that was all the rage a decade ago in the construction industry.


Cheap, renewable, easy to manufacture and stock as well as condense….is hydrogen the green solution everyone expects?


Our friends at PPP bulletin highlighted recently that the expectations towards hydrogen give way to much more operational contracts in this field. Illustrative of this is the recent call of the Aberdeen City Council to set up a joint venture:


Aberdeen City Council is seeking to procure an experienced strategic partner to form a joint venture with the Council in order to secure low carbon infrastructure investment and delivery capability in support of the City's Hydrogen Hub and Net Zero Vision.


In this new and relatively unexplored field, the public authority is looking for an expert partner to finance and invest in the provision of the “green” energy source.


Services to be provided throught the joint venture will include the procurement of a hydrogen production facility and will entail a wide range of related services such as project and operation management and even commercial support.


The joint venture will enter into a Hydrogen Supply Framework Agreement with the Council for an initial period of 10 years with two subsequent optional extensions of 5 years each.


Your Decide Hub will ensure that all new information pertaining to the development of the hydrogen market and its ability to help decarbonize healthcare is shared with you!


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