Impact delivery: a powerful roadmap for health infrastructure!

Delivering outcomes: Australia commits to high-performance infrastructure


Nowhere is the infrastructure scene more edgy, vibrant and innovative than….down under. Australia, and the State of Victoria in particular, are behind the most rigorous and inspiring legal, contractual, and management guidelines to make the best of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and deliver best value for money.


Your Decide Hub recently highlighted the Frankston Hospital PPP project that sprung from Victoria’s commitment to upgrade the healthcare offering (click here if you want to know more).


So rather eagerly we ask the question: what’s new on the Australian capital investment and infrastructure agenda? Well, delivery is all the rage.


Mirroring WHO’s own flair and development of an innovative department in charge of delivery for impact, Australia is underscoring the need for infrastructure programmes to focus on outcomes.


This strategy is enshrined in a new document: "Delivering outcomes: a roadmap to improve infrastructure industry productivity and innovation".


Peter Colacine, Chief of Policy and Research at Infrastructure Australia, confirms that the wind of reforms blows to ensure public authorities keep up with their private sector partners.


While the infrastructure fabric is still impregnated with traditional procurement ontological dynamics (i.e. listing inputs for public tenders), it slowly and  somewhat reluctantly moved to an output-based perspective that underpins the PPPs and complex contractual arrangements agenda.


The new frontier? Delivering outcomes, as inspired by trailblazer Infrastructure Australia.


The progressive realization that infrastructure design and operations need to shift towards delivering better and tangible outcomes towards communities is the rationale behind the roadmap published by Infrastructure Australia. What’s in it?


The reforms in this roadmap focus on changes to the way projects are procured and delivered. However, the consequences reach into how an asset is managed, operated and maintained across its lifecycle.


The reforms identified by this report will have long-term consequences for the services received by infrastructure service users and the community.


And comprehensively enough, the roadmap delves into all relevant areas that will influence the quality of outcomes delivered by infrastructure across the policy spectrum, including system, digital, collaboration, commercial aspects or people-centred objectives.


Click here to download and take stock of Infrastructure Australia’s innovative roadmap.



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