IQVIA Global Oncology Trends 2022 is out!

IQVIA cancer care analysis & forecast up to 2026


Respected IQVIA Insitute for Human Data Science has published a new report on Global Oncology Trends which provides forecast on the cancer care market up to 2026


The report echoes the April’s International Conference for Priority Setting in Health (ISPH) and the plenary session organized by your Decide Hub on high-cost technologies, with experts from ESMO, the Fair Pricing Forum, CHELD and Triangulate Health Ltd UK (click here for more information)


More particularly, the report highlights both the continuing predominance of high-income countries in the growth of the cancer medicine market while hinting at the epidemiological trends triggering a shift towards LMICs’ share of cancer technology-related expenditure:


Cancer medicine spending rose to $185Bn globally in 2021, with 74% focused in the major developed markets (the United States, EU4+UK and Japan) down from 77% in 2017.


Wider healthcare access in pharmerging and lower-income countries in the rest of the world lifted spending there, with total spending across these countries of $25Bn in 2021 representing 14% of global spending, up from 11% in 2017.


If you are interested in the report: click here to download it.


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