ISPH 2022 in Bergen: we have good news for you!!!

Digital attendance is free....and there's a new deadline for abstract submission!


You all know -and probably await eagerly- one of the landmarks of 2022, the ISPH 2022 aka the 13th International  Society for Priorities in Health Conference.  A hybrid gathering on “Fair Priorities in unjust circumstances”, the conference will focus on Emergencies, Universal Health Coverage and High-Cost Interventions.


You also know that our friends at BCEPS are in charge of the organization and that your Decide Hub is honoured and happy to collaborate and help co-organize it, in particular as regards the thematic areas of HTA and High-cost interventions (for more information please click here)


So, have we got more good news for you? The answer is a double yes. First, note that the registration for digital attendance is absolutely free!


Moreover, the deadline for submission of abstracts is postponed to 15th January 2022!


If you needed more time to share your insight and ideas through an abstract or if you needed to fill the holiday season with some creative time, here is your chance!


Please click here to access the conference website and information.


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