It's never been that big! £3.7 billion for 40 hospitals: UK's infrastructure plan

The UK Infrastructure Plan does not lack ambition. For the health sector only, it is confirmed that a whooping and much needed £3.7 billion will be available for 40 hospital projects, making it the biggest capital funding programme for health facilities over more than 20 years.


The breakdown of projects shows that by 2030 48 new hospitals in total will be delivered by 2030, and backed by news standards to shift design and construction times. This seems like a promising start for a sector in dire need of more investment, not only to ensure that news facilities are available but also to provide necessary funds for the refurbishments of existing assets.


The Prime Minister announced £1.5 billion in capital funding for the NHS, including £450 million for 142 A&E upgrades ahead of winter to improve infection control and increase capacity. This investment will be on top of the record extra £33.9 billion a year by 2023 to 2024 that the government is providing to the NHS, and passed into law this year.


The allocation of these funds should be in synergy with other capital investment initiatives such as the Local Improvement Finance Trust which will substantially contribute to strengthen investment in social infrastructure as well as ensuring PHC facilities are refurbished and fit-for-purpose, or with private investment-backed arrangements.


In essence, the plan does not offer a consolidated view of the "state of the health infrastructure" in the UK which would better enable to assess total investment needs.


To know more about the 40 hospital projects funded: Click here.



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