Leaving no stone unturned: How to Measure the Value of Virtual Health Care

Return on health of digital care: what do we know?


An article published recently in the Harvard Business review on the value of virtual health care proposes to assess the analytical framework developed by the American Medical Association and Legal Consultancy Manatt Health.


The design of this framework was triggered by the COVID-19 spurred exponential development and integration of virtually-enabled care and solutions. These dynamics interest health stewards committed to tackle the shortage of human resources in health, but are these solutions prone to deliver value for money?


The framework offers the possibility to assess precisely this and to evaluate the ability of virtual technologies to deliver health equity:


It accounts for the various ways in which virtual care programs may increase the overall “return on health” by generating benefits for patients, clinicians, payers, and society going forward.


The framework can be used by care providers to develop and evaluate new digitally-enabled-care models, by payers to inform coverage and payment decisions, and by policymakers to establish regulations that guide the future of virtual care.


To take stock of the analytical framework: click here.  To read the article in the HBR: click here



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